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We are a Community Archives and Heritage Group


We collect and make accessible documents, photographs, oral histories and many other materials which record the history in all its forms of the River Waveney, its peoples, villages, and towns.


We support learning and the acquisition of useful skills and encourage social participation by people of different ages and backgrounds by inviting them to talks and exhibitions. We welcome volunteers, encouraging them to make use of their talents to enhance both our joint experience and their own.


We are based at the Old School, Grove Road,  Brockdish and are grateful to the Diocese of Norwich, the owners, who have allowed us to continue the tradition of learning and self-advancement envisaged by the founders of the school in 1845.


                              01379 668279 or 01379 669057



                                Waveney Heritage Centre, Grove Road, Brockdish, DISS, Norfolk IP21 4JP

Registered Charity Number : 1192646