Events 2022


Sunday 27 February: Robin Twigge - Story of a Toastmaster


Wednesday 9 March: Martha Meek - Waveney River Trust

Sunday 27 March: Janette Robinson - Voices from the Workhouse


Wednesday 6 April: Richard Giffin - Hoxne. Harriet Pentney “The Angel of Hoxne”

Sunday 24 April: Stephen Poulter - Memories of an Auctioneer 

Wednesday 4 May:  Steve Bell - A little history of Flixton Aviation Museum

Sunday 22 May: Nick Black - The Battle of Barking Creek

Wednesday 8 June: Richard Giffin - Witch marks in East Anglian timber framed houses

Sunday 26 June: Graham Burril - The Art of the East Anglian Thatcher

Wednesday 6 July: Abigail Mill - A new viewpoint for the Waveney Valley?

Sunday 24 July: tba


August 10:  Peter Metcalf - The Waveney Valley Line

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